Why Legacy Wellness Services Specializes in Treating Black Adults

Two Black Millinials looking over their glasses
Nicole Lewis, LCSW
Nicole Lewis, LCSW

Founder & Counselor

Why is Legacy Wellness Services the right place to start for Black adults who need help with a mental health issue? There are a plenty of reasons why we decided to specialize in health and treatment of Black adults. Most of the things that my patients ask me are in direct correlation to their identity. Sorrowfully, they have lost many Black people in their lives over the years as there were no such services available to them. There are some who have never gotten the treatment they deserve because they lack access to mental health services, which is just one of the reasons we’re here to help them out.

We identify with the Black community.

Our lead therapist, Nicole Lewis, is a Black woman and has whole life experience of the issues and caveats the Black community faces. This does not mean we do not treat persons of other racial identities. It means we are specially equipped to help our community, and we take pride in our specialty.

It is unethical for a licensed professional to pretend they can serve a population they aren’t qualified for.

That, ironically, would result in racism.


The Reason Why We Treat Black Adults:

Below is a a short list of why we have chosen to specialize in mental health services for Black African Americans:

  1. White logic (specifically regarding race) is sometimes ingrained in ways we do not have the capacity to treat and we will not operate outside of our scope.
  2. It is not the duty as an oppressed person to help an oppressor understand why they oppress.
  3. We enjoy seeing bonnets and durags on the other side of the screen.
  4. We speak AAVE (African-American Vernacular English, a recognized language within out community.)
  5. Code switching is trash.
  6. We have a lot of experience with being Black.

We would like to reiterate that while we specialize in treating the Black race, our services are for everyone, of all identities. Some patients find it helpful to have a licensed Black therapist to aide their mental health journey and assist them with shifting into their desired mind space and viewpoints.

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