“Good” by Alix feat. Nezza

Nicole Lewis, LCSW
Nicole Lewis, LCSW

Founder & Counselor

“I chose this cause because of Nicole Lewis, creator of the GoFundMe Campaign. She has vocalized her want to make big change in her community in Mississippi and in others. She’s been offering free mental health services to those who’ve expressed their struggle finding affordable and quality options. I was inspired by her big scale dreams to help those in need of these services.

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Nezza & I love this campaign specifically because it is all inclusive and run by this inspiring woman who seems to truly want to make a difference. We know the importance of mental health care and love the idea that the funds would go to professionals in different areas who have patients needing assistance. Those in need of these services can also reach out to her for help through the GoFundMe.

This Fund was shared by someone I admire to bring awareness to campaigns that deal with this topic. Access to Mental Health Services and the means to take advantage of them is extremely important. Access to these services is statistically more difficult for black people for many systemically influenced reasons. There are many funds that take notice of this inequality and work to make these services more accessible to anyone in need of them. I cannot begin to imagine the trauma that living in America must bring to the mental health of those in the black community due to experiencing big and small scale effects of systemic racism year after year. We are currently hearing stories of those whose lives and livelihoods have been affected by Covid. We see stories of our friends, loved ones and influences having their mental health affected by blatant examples of racism constantly going viral. While it is extremely important to expose the horrifying issues that need immediate fixing, it is only understandable that there is a mental turmoil with being exposed to it day in and day out with no solutions.”


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